Red Bull Flugtag!

Scandals would like to thank all of our friends and sponsors for all of the support along the road to Flugtag! We had a really great time with this amazing experience, and even though we didn't win, we still left with some wonderful memories to last a lifetime! Thank you all!

Special Thanks to our amazing Sponsors for showing their support and making this all possible!


Scandalicious Photos from Flugtag

Team Scandalicious Live on KGW News!

Team Scandalicious Promo Video

Watch as your favorite Scandals employees transform into the extraordinarily sassy band of Team Scandalicious, and save the date of NEXT WEEKEND to come down to the Waterfront or into Scandals for the Live Feed of the 2015 Red Bull Flugtag!

Team Scanalicious - Moving and Shakin'

The Team Scandalicious skit routine for Red Bull Flugtag with pilot stand-in, Miss Mylar! These ladies are gonna rock some socks off on August 1st, so make sure you're down at the Waterfront to cheer them on!

Team Scandalicious Bio

Who doesn’t like a good scandal? Whether it’s one of those one-word-title political dramas with a strong female lead, or trying to sneak out a fart when you’re getting dinner with the in laws, everyone is addicted to the drama of life. That’s why this Red Bull Flugtag team isn’t just scandalous—they’re deliciously scandalous: Scandalicious.

SCANDALS, the gay bar that’s been keeping Portland fabulous for more than 35 years, is the home base for all of these teammates. There’s Munro, their ferocious GM. David Fones, the owner and Queen of Fun. Matt Ossont, the office manager and bartender, is trying to keep everyone alive, while Nick Hansen, chef, keeps everyone full. Finally, Kurtis Janitch, the young blood of the gang is just trying to keep up. Far from a scandal, these guys are a part of an institution in Portland. Hosting block parties for the last 10 years that fundraise for local non-profits, the bar has deep roots in its community.

They like to refer to it, as others have before, as “Portland’s Gay Cheers” because it’s the community bar where you’re “always glad you came.” You can absolutely expect their flight to be fabulous, crazy, and complemented with a water ballet performance. Think of a Phoenix rising to its glory. And just like the most Scandalicious moments of life, you certainly won’t be able to look away.

The Stark St. Phoenix!

We'll be working hard to get this craft built and ready to fly on August 1st, at this year's Red Bull Flugtag, so you better be there and ready to cheer your hearts out for this team of Scandalicious Ladies!