Monthly Featured Artists

Scandals has been happy to lend its wall space to local artists for several years, and 2017 is no different.  New art shows open on first Thursdays and go for 1-2 months, so come on down and check out the latest show.  We love the opportunity to be a showcase for all the amazing talent found within and around our community.  If you are an artist or musician interested in presenting your talent to the Scandals’ family, email Munro.

Featured Artist
Nov. 2017 


Jason Powell

This series seeks to critique the idea of nostalgia. As a bias applied to the imperfect nature of memory. Beliefs, experiences, and societal elements combine to create an impression of what should have been versus what was. As a consequence, nostalgia can become a disappointment at reality, a beautiful thing that becomes cliche, or the tool of populist rhetoric.

These paintings depict experiences grounded in truth, but blown beyond the confines of reality. Memories of place are depicted as constructions of generic forms, in the process of being created. Allusions to cartoons, toys, games and other childhood cliches contrast with anecdotal references and historical figures to create a sense of anachronistic familiarity, where the lens of now is projected on to the walls of the past. A visual representation of the feeling of trying to remember.

I want to make things that belong in grandma’s house- if grandma was a robotic amalgamation of all of your memories of her.

Jason Powell received his BFA in painting from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2014. He has worked in a variety of media and continues to experiment with ways of merging materials. His work often explores the interplay of depth and surface by utilizing the language of both figuration and abstraction.

Jason Powell

Make sure to follow Jason to catch future updates to his artwork: and @jason.parker.powell