Lunch & Dinner from 12pm - 8pm everyday

3 Street Tacos - $5

Chicken, Beef and/or Pork

Hotdog - $3

Mac-N-Cheese - $5

3 BBQ Sliders - $5

Chicken, Beef and/or Pork

Bowl of Chili - $5

w/ Onions and Cheese


PBR & Cheddar Biscuit - $1

Cup of Chili - $2

Black Bean & Corn Salad - $2

Chips & Salsa - $2



The Hungry Magyar
Pop Up Kitchen

Every Tuesday from 5pm - 9pm

Grandma Lisko’s cabbage rolls - $5
pork, beef, rice, onion, paprika, spices, sauce                                

Vegan cabbage roll - $5
lentils, rice, mushroom, cashews, raisins, dill, roasted tomato sauce                         

Beef goulash ala Happy Magyar - $9
house made spaetzle, shredded beef, tomatoes, carrots, red wine, spices      

Four cheese spaetzle - $9
swiss, white cheddar, parmesan, romano, house made spaetzle, caramelized onions, bacon                                      

Hungarian mushroom soup - $5

*Most items come with sour cream, chive and paprika garnish.
Please specify if dairy free


The Happy Magyar

Hungarian comfort food with a twist featuring Grandma Lisko’s Hungarian cabbage rolls

 Football games and holidays are perfect for cabbage rolls! All items available for catering.

Jó étvágyat! (bon Appetit)

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