Monthly Featured Artists

Scandals has been happy to lend its wall space to local artists for several years, and 2017 is no different.  New art shows open on first Thursdays and go for 1-2 months, so come on down and check out the latest show.  We love the opportunity to be a showcase for all the amazing talent found within and around our community.  If you are an artist or musician interested in presenting your talent to the Scandals’ family, email Munro.

Featured Artists
Sept & Oct. 2018 

Anissa Naslund,
Annick Blomdahl
Alysia Simons


Anissa Naslund

Painting and drawing have always been my favorite pastimes but this year they have been even more important. Art has helped me maintain my sense of self while I adjust to motherhood. Most of my drawings were done while rocking baby Cece to sleep! I'm grateful and excited to have Annick and Alysia joining me in filling the walls of my favorite neighborhood bar.

Make sure to follow Anissa to catch future updates to her artwork: @anissa_crow 

Annick Blomdahl

I’m a Portland Native, thrift store shopper, horror movie fanatic and a big fan of Anything to do with cheese, I’ve always been creative but first picked up a paintbrush in 2012 and have painting ever since. While in the past I’ve painted everything from food to animals, In the last few years my art has become a release for my anxiety via painting self portraits. It’s become my own form of therapy, challenging me in so many ways. You can see a few of them on the walls at scandals, the rest you can see on my Instagram. Otherwise, I enjoy painting portraits. Especially those of the celebrities that make me laugh! Be sure to check out the creepy paintings I have coming for the month of October!

Follow Annick here to catch future updates to her artwork on Instagram: @antiquedahl

Alysia Simons

Hey there! The name's Alysia. If you're not sure how to pronounce that, I also go by "Hey, you!"

In my free time you can find me watching cartoons and anime, reading comics and sci-fi, and going on long annoying rants about fandoms. Overall, I'm hugely inspired by all things queer and nerd culture. These influences have led me to draw strong, courageous characters - both fictional and non - for the majority of my life.

Only recently have I pushed myself to tackle more realistic drawings along with my cartoony ones. That's why I'm so excited to share these portraits of some of my favorite queer icons with everyone. Stick around for October when I'll be putting up portraits of famous Halloween characters! 

Follow Alysia here to catch future updates to her artwork on Instagram: @likeablefemaleprotagonist