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Red Bull Flugtag 2015!

Red Bull Flugtag is back in Portland, and Scandals is taking flight as the 20th position craft to fly off the Red Bull Pier into the Willamette in front of Tom McCall Waterfront Park, just south of the Hawthorne Bridge! This year's event is already looking to have a gathering of over 19,000 spectators, viewers all over the world watching ESPN2, and countless others catching the show in specific locations across the country through Live Feed.

If you would like to watch the event, but don't want to be around intense mass of audience down at the waterfront, Scandals will be displaying the Live Feed right at our bar and serving our special Team Scandalicious Drink - Absolut Madrin w/ Red Bull Yellow!

Come down to the waterfront to cheer us on in person, or come in to the bar to watch us on our big screen, either way we'd love the support! And as always, be sure to Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and Vote for us on our Official Red Bull Team Page

Thanks to our Amazing Sponsors!